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The Windows Project: Newton

"In many ways, life hasn't changed a lot for Newton."

In collaboration with the students of Jordan Lake School of the Arts, The Painted Chair Project, announces the "Windows Project."


Considering the recent Stay at Home Order, and now social distancing being the new norm, the Windows Project is designed to document imagery of children with autism in a manner that best captures their experience of this period in time. Although the overall images and tone will differ from child to child, all photos represent a time of quarantine and social distancing.

We had the absolute pleasure of photographing 12-year-old Newton. We have been photographing Newton for years, and let's just say he never ever disappoints. I asked Newton's parents to share what the COVID-19 experience has been for Newton. His father shared the following:

"In many ways, life hasn't changed a lot for Newton. We've been able to keep some semblance of a daily routine. And he also still resides mainly within his own thoughts, so on the surface, not much is different.

But we know that he's anxious. We go for walks a couple of times a day, and he grips our hands tighter when we see a person at a distance. He will often ask to avoid them. If there's a dog, sometimes he turns around and flees. Not only is he afraid of their natural unpredictability, he's afraid they're germ carriers. And he always insists that we wash our hands immediately after returning from any activity outside of our yard.

Even though he hasn't asked about social contact, he is missing it. His only social outlet is us, his parents. And we're terminally uncool, apparently. So there's a cycle of insisting on attention from us, lots of aggressive behavior towards us (because we're not kids), and lots of self-isolation with videos and books. We feel like he's bored, frustrated, and anxious. And he's also 12.

Essentially COVID lockdown has amplified all of the things that come with his age."

Thank you to Newton, his parents and Jordan Lake School of the Arts, for allowing The Painted Chair Project to capture these beautiful images documenting this incredible young man during a significant time of change.

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