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Meaningful Selfie in the time of COVID19

The Painted Chair Project is an evolving movement created to uplift the autism community. We hope to make a positive impact as we celebrate individuals and organizations that make a genuine difference within the world of autism.

In collaboration with Jordan Lake School of the Arts, students participated in a unique project documenting their COVID19 experience using photography. We live in historic times, and this project was designed to teach the children how to document their time spent in a quarantine/social distancing world. We call it, Story Telling Portraits. For a period of six weeks, each week, students were assigned a specific topic sharing their life in a COVID world: the first assignment, Meaningful Selfies.

Selfies are a modern-day form of self-expression. And at the age of our students, let's just say that most have mastered the art of a good selfie. In this lesson, we pushed them to understand the power of documenting themselves. The instruction guided students to take a selfie that best captures an authentic version of themself in a time of COVID19. The image should capture how they feel having to move to be self quarantined suddenly and into online school settings. Along with each image submitted, they were instructed to write a small description and title, sharing the purpose of the picture.

The students did an incredible job giving us a glimpse into this new little world we find ourselves. We are excited to share with you some of the results of lesson one, Meaningful Selfie. In the coming weeks, we will feature each of our budding photographers. Thank you, students, of Jordan Lake School of the Arts for your incredible work and dedication to this meaningful project.

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