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The Windows Project - Luke

Windows Project - Introducing Luke at a time of COVID 19

In collaboration with the students of Jordan Lake School of the Arts, The Painted Chair Project is in the beginning stages of a new photography project we've entitled, "Windows." Considering the Stay at Home order, we recently experienced and now social distancing being the new norm, the Windows project is designed to document imagery of children with autism in a manner in which best captures their experience of this period of time. Although each image will differ from child to child, all photos represent a time of quarantine and social distancing. Families will be provided with images taken as we want to give the children images to go along with their story of the time of COVID-19.

To kick start the Windows Project, we had the absolute pleasure of photographing 8-year-old Luke. And the added bonus, of capturing the sweetest moments of Luke with his adorable sisters, 6-year-old Rachel and 3-year-old Leah. Their beautiful mother, Christina shared with us a little insight into their world since COVID.

Luke and his adorable sisters

"The children have learned the new normal of masks and staying at home. Although I am not sure how much they understand what is going on in the world, we still try to share the information.

Luke wants to know when it will end. How did it start? Why does it spread? Can't people who are sick just stay at home and the rest of us go out like normal? Why is this so big, and nothing has been this big before?

He has so many questions. Some I can answer and some I can't. Being autistic, he doesn't verbalize that he misses his friends or school or going places. What he does mention is how he doesn't want mom to be his teacher, and he doesn't want to do everything on a computer and how zoom and technology become "annoying" and "boring" and its "not the same." Generally, all three kids have stayed happy and content, and we make the most with what we have.

Thankfully, I think the experience has been more traumatic to us adults than to them. I am ok with that! I hope he can look back and remember and verbalize more emotions attached to it upon reflection afterward."

- Christina

Thank you, Jordan Lake School of the Arts, Luke and family, for allowing The Painted Chair Project the opportunity to capture these beautiful images documenting this time of change.

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