Clara, A Meaningful Selfie

We've had the great pleasure of working with the students at Jordan Lake School of the Arts during quite a profound time of change. As most of us suddenly found ourselves in some form of quarantine due to the outbreak of a COVID-19, we swiftly changed our lesson plan into an opportunity to teach the children how to document their world in a time of transition: the first assignment, Meaningful Selfie. The children were instructed to document their world through a selfie that reflects both how they feel and see the world at that very moment. It has been extraordinary the stories and portraits the children have so beautifully shared.

"Prisoner To A Virus With The Ones I Love" by Clara, is an example of the work the students are creating. Not only is Clara a gifted artist, inspired by her little sister who has severe autism, she is also a passionate advocate within the autism community. When it comes to photography, she also puts the same amount of passion and vision into her work. I could go on and on about this student; however, I am going to let her work speak for itself.

Prisoner To A Virus With The Ones I Love

"This photo was taken to show a different side to the coronavirus. Some may be living and battling this horrible virus, while others may have lost loved ones, no matter your dealings it has affected us all. We may not all be affected the same way, but it doesn't mean we can't feel equally as sad for what is going on. We've all lost to this virus whether it's a loved one or freedom itself. Together we can fight this invisible war and bring the fallen tributes justice. We thank our nurses and doctors for all they have done to fight on the frontline. We pray they keep fighting and we'll keep doing our part by keeping our distance and staying apart, at home, with the ones I love."

Clara, age 14

We look forward to sharing more extraordinary stories from the children at Jordan Lake School of the Art.