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Photography Project Announcement

The Painted Chair Project is an evolving movement created to uplift the autism community. It is our hope to make a positive impact as we celebrate individuals and organizations that make a genuine difference within the world of autism.

Each year the Painted Chair Project selects organizations to partner and collaborate with to support the autism community. This year, we have chosen The Creative Arts Center, a division of Jordan Lake School of the Arts, to partner as we create meaningful projects for the students of the school.

As we are in the midst of a pandemic due to the coronavirus, we have had to alter our initial plans of the already planned Silver Lining Art Show event. In the spirit of embracing the time that we find ourselves, we have created a new photography-related project that will be later incorporated into the Silver Linings event. It can also be viewed and celebrated today.

Considering we are living in historic times, we have created a photography project that will teach the children how to document their time spent in quarantine, calling it, Story Telling Portraits. It is an incredible time for the students to learn the art of documentary and storytelling themed photography. Over the next eight weeks, the children will be assigned a theme related to self-portraits. Their work will be featured via The Painted Chair Project. We are so excited to watch this project evolve. It will be interesting to view each student's work as this is an opportunity to see the world through their eyes.

We invite you to learn more about The Painted Chair Project and encourage you to follow and support us on social media.




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