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Did you know...

Our inspiration, Brooks Rose with the painted chair.

I am Shira W Rose of Shira W Rose Studios. Photographing individuals on the autism spectrum very much remains my heart cause. As my portrait brand continues to grow, it is my passion for contributing to this beautiful community through service, celebrating the heroes that make a difference, and through portraiture, that drives me.

There are so many individuals on the spectrum that do not have a single photograph that truly captures that magical sparkle that makes them…them. I am here to change that and will continue to serve the autism community for as long as I can hold a camera in my hand.

A portion of profits from Shira W Rose Studios enables me to continue to serve this beautiful community. I am grateful for those that support me. Please know that you are helping make a difference in the world of others.

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#autism #photography #givingback #paintedchair

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