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Workforce inclusion award...

“I am excited to share that NCCDD's project, One Workforce, has been recognized by the Web Marketing

Association for Government Standard in Excellence. We scored a 55.5, higher than the industry average of 51.

Our highest scores came in Design (8), Technology (8.5), Interactivity (8.5), and Copywriting (8.5).”

Devika Rao


O'Neill Communications

The above is a shout out of incredible news we received in response to the One Workforce Project for the NCCDD. I could not be prouder at this very moment to have had the privilege to work on something so significant in hopes of creating positive awareness for individuals with disabilities.

The NCCDD, One Workforce Project, was life-changing for me. First, I must share that I am still glowing to have been one of the photographers selected to work on a project of such importance. The mission was to tell stories of workforce inclusion through imagery. The people I met moved me in ways I can’t begin to describe. I felt the whole spectrum of emotions… joy, sadness, hope…and, most importantly, love and compassion.

If you have not had the opportunity to hear about this incredible campaign, I encourage you to please do so. It is beautiful, visually. It will no doubt move you to understand the importance of inclusion projects such as One Workforce.

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