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Jessica Maynard an accomplished young woman.

Jessica is one of the many incredible stories on behalf of the NCCDD Everybody Works Campaign that I had the privilege to capture. The following is her story:

Jessica Maynard is an accomplished young woman. At an early age, she was diagnosed with autism. As Jessica was entering middle school, her parents realized that public school could not continue to support her growth as a student.

In the 6th grade, Jessica became a student of Jordan Lake School of the Arts (JLSA) in Apex, NC, and she was the first student to graduate from the K-12 program.

She described the experience as, "[It's] a community that comes together with the freedom to learn the skills that will help them as adults." This experience encouraged Jessica's aspirations to become an elementary school teacher.

Currently, she participates in the Horizon Program at JLSA while she attends Central Carolina Community College. The Horizon program teaches life skills and includes an internship opportunity.

At Jessica’s internship, she assists the elementary students at JLSA with reading and writing. Since Jessica has been interning at the school, she has become a role model and a leader to the students.

To more of Jessica’s story visit the following link and be sure to view the campaign to see more inspirational stories:

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