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NCCDD Lookbook Announcement


Some very exciting news to share… I am literally doing the happy dance as I type this. The NCCDD recently created a campaign to promote awareness of the untapped pool of talent found in the North Carolina disability community with the ultimate goal to create more jobs and job oriented educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The next phase of the campaign is to create a lookbook featuring individuals within the state of North Carolina to serve as inspiration for the campaign. To help implement this campaign the NCCDD conducted a search for photographers to help capture and tell the stories of the individuals that will serve as the inspirational stories.

Having a child on the autism spectrum, this project is very appealing to me as in time he too will enter the work force and for me it would be not only a way to contribute to the community but also a great way to get a glimpse of what entering the working world could look like for him, so I eagerly applied to the open call for photographers.

With that said, it is with the greatest excitement that I share the following message that I received today:


As the Creative Director for the NCCDD Lookbook, I am excited to formally offer you the position as one of the photographers for the project. Congratulations! Your experience and passion will be a great addition to the team and I look forward to see what we can achieve together!

Once again, congratulations!!

Kay McMillan

Can you believe it? Can I believe? OMG…the pure excitement is beyond anything that I can describe. I look so forward to this experience…. the people I will meet… the privilege of the stories I will tell. Stay tuned…. I can’t wait to share.

In the meantime please please check out what the NCCDD is doing to promote inclusion in the workplace. It will be a life changing campaign;

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