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The incredible students at Jordan Lakes School of the Arts all chipped in to create our flagship traveling story telling chair…. it is beautiful!!!


When I first learned that my beautiful young son had autism, like most anyone, I took to the internet to look for the answers to so many of the millions of questions that swirled in my head.  What I initially found, there was so much doom and gloom associated with the diagnosis. Divorce, the loss of friends, the loss of life as you know it, and the immense worry about your child's future...not to exclude the financial worry because you spend every extra cent you have to ensure you can provide the services needed to give your child a fighting chance. Although some of this can be very true, what I have found as I have submerged myself into the community of autism, is that there are so many beautiful stories and extraordinary people who can truly make a difference in all of our lives.  These are the stories that will make a difference for the next generation of parents surfing the net after they have learned the news of a similar diagnosis of their beautiful young child.  


What I have discovered, is this community of incredible families has to be one of the most giving and supportive groups that I have ever been associated with.  I have felt the support immensely through my journey and most importantly my son feels it around him at all times too. 


We all have stories to tell and support to give that could help another family or individual. As a member of this extraordinary community, I too must show my support.  I am a portrait photographer, my ability to tell uplifting stories through character capturing imagery is my greatest strength. What I have learned is a beautiful portrait can really help an individual see how incredibly beautiful they are and for some be very life-changing.  There are so many children or adults for that matter within our community that has never had a portrait that truly captured their spirit, the very sparkle that makes them uniquely them.  With this in mind, I have created The Painted Chair Project to help change that.  It is an evolving project supporting the autism community designed to tell uplifting stories and capture some beautiful portraits along the way.  


Giving back is a crucial part of who I am.  There are very big plans for The Painted Chair Project.  I have a road map however I am certain there will be some unplanned detours along the way…we will most certainly need the continued love, support, and encouragement of our community every step of the way.  With your help, I believe we can truly pull this off!  

For more information email or call 919 888-1345. 


Shira W. Rose is a portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.  As the mother of two, one of which is on the autism spectrum, Shira is passionate about sharing stories through the imagery of individuals with disabilities.  A portrait photographer for almost a decade, her community service work provides her with the privilege of having a front-row seat in people’s lives whose voices may not oftentimes be heard. She feels it is her responsibility not just to create a beautiful image, but to tell the most authentic story for each moment she is capturing.


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